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After reading the reviews of others on FESTIVA, I realized that we are not in this alone. We went to a meeting just last night in Greenville, NC that was suppose to be an informational meeting with questions and answers.

Yes, we did ask questions and they gave answers and then they found a way to make you think you had to upgrade. Been through this too many times, so we immediately declined. Now we are trying to decide what is the best way to get out.

If anyone knows anyone who would like to buy 6500 points, please let us know. We are totally ready to get out.

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join me to file a class action law suit against Festiva. I have proof for festiva how to cheat all of us telling nothing available at same time selling our room for general public at "booking.com"

send email to shang57@hotmail.com sing up to get our money back and cancel contract with Festiva. I have 4 videos, pls search "alert Festiva consumer" at www.youtube.com

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