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I received a phone call stating I'd won a grand prize either vacation in Florida, 26" TV or $25,000. To redeem I had to attend a 2 hr presentation at Festiva Blue Ridge in Banner Elk, NC. The person that called asked if I was married and I said no I'm separated and that my relationship status had changed since I supposedly entered their drawing. She asked if my income was over $55,000 annually and if I was over 28 years old. I said yes to both which according to her made me eligible to attend the presentation and receive one of the grand prizes. So an appointment was made for my presentation. When I arrived for the presentation the lady at the desk asked if I was married. I said no I'm separated. Well she said my husband had to be with me to do the presentation. I told her that the person on the phone told me I was eligible to attend. The lady at the desk said no I had to be legally separated or divorced. So I was given a toll free number to call to talk with a manager and that if the original person on the phone misrepresented the terms I would be sent a scratch off ticket to determine which prize I'd won. I called the toll free number from the parking lot of the resort and spoke with a manager. She stated she would go back and listen to the original recording and would call me back by 6 PM that day. Well that was last Friday and I've received no phone call and nothing in the mail.

A huge waste of my time and energy to drive to Banner Elk and deal with these inept people. So to anyone who hasn't had the timeshare experience they are a black hole that will suck you dry with maintenance fees and special assessments, been there, done that, not doing it again. So actually I'm feeling fortunate that I didn't have to sit through their 2 hrs of *** to receive my 'grand prize'. At least, Wyndham Resorts honored their freebies for sitting through the presentation.

I'll be staying away from Festiva since they can't even return a phone call. And my suggestion to anyone else is to use extreme caution if you decide to deal with these folks.

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Greenville, South Carolina, United States #631850

I agree with the above evaluation and will add the company called 'Grand Resort Travel' in Asheville, NC. Total waste of time and money.

We joined last May and have had NO success for our requests. And the 'gifts' were full of holes so we didn't get any of them either! Hope no one else falls for these people!

Wish we could get our money back! :(


I received a follow call from a Festiva representative about 3 weeks ago apologizing for the apparent miscommunication. She said that they have a marketing company handling the initial contact and there have been some problems.

She informed me that they are not permitted to mail out the scratch off tickets so I was misinformed by the person at the resort. The Festiva rep that called me offered to send me a $50 prepaid Visa card to cover my expense for driving to the resort. Well you guessed it.....I haven't received that either.

So I'll reiterate my suggestion in the first posting - use extreme caution if you plan to deal with these folks. Or better yet, don't waste your time.

Festiva Rep

Dear Ms. Mcannell:

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need further assistance with this matter, please call 1-866-229-0022.

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