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I called to clear up corrections, I could her a woman screaming at someone in the background. The person I spoke with was rude and refused to make the corrections.

The correction was not made, bill was sent to wrong place and by the time it came to me it was late and I owe late fees. I called to say I shouldn't have to pay since if the corrections had been made I would have had the bill. But they will not waive the fees and the corrections still haven't been made either.

And not only do I now have to pay late fees, but now they say they will make the correction for an additional $25. Not good customer service practice at all.

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Why not just grow up and accept responsibility for your actions. Quit making excuses, you can check online how much you owe them and don't need to bill to make payments.

If the corrections had been made you say you would have paid the bill. BS, you would just think of another excuse for not paying the bills and blamed them.

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