Solon, Maine
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trying to cancel is a nightmare. they try to keep your money, and do not want to talk to you.

I have never spoke with a more rude bunch of people. cancelation of the contract was never discussed, so when you try to cancel you have to jump through a bunch of hoops. then they lie about receiving the resort guide and try to rip you off by $79.00. when you try to get your money back, you have to wait 45 days.

you still have to pay intrest and payments on that money unless you paid cash.

If you do return thier resort guide make sure you get a delivery confirmation. it doesn't cost much, if you don't they will keep some of you money.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Johnson City, Tennessee, United States #730447

I pay a monthly payment to Festiva set up on an automatic pay through my bank yet Festiva calls me every month to tell me that I haven't paid them their monthly payment. This is so aggravating!

The person that calls is VERY Rude! When I try to tell her that my payment has been made on time and that I have a confimation number she tells me that I am late and hangs up. I've tried returning calls to get to the bottom of THEIR PROBLEM and all I can reach is an automated voice call where no one seems to want to return my call.

I have no way of finding out what my balance is or if they are tacking on a late charge to my account.

If I had it to do all over again I would actually pay DOUBLE to any resort I wanted to go to at any time that I wanted to go instead of getting involved with Festiva!


I agree 100%. We are very unhappy with Festiva and wish we had never let them talk us into converting our fixed week to their points.

If I could go back to the fixed week, I would do so and not think twice about it. It's a nightmare every time we try to make a reservation.

Festiva Rep

We take complaints from our members and guests very seriously, so please feel free to contact us directly at with your information and I will be happy to have someone get in touch with you to work towards a resolution. If any of our staff members were rude to you, please let us know who so that his/her supervisor can be notified.

Ambrosden, England, United Kingdom #101086
:( TRIED TO BANK POINTS and was met with abbrasiveness and crassness!! I wanted to choke him, Patrick should be fired!

But Reservations is rude at Festiva!! :(

same thing happened to us. we should all get together and take the festiva people to court! we need our money back, and i dont want to give up without a fight!

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