Armonk, New York

I totally pissed with Festiva Resorts. Originally, when I bought Time share with them they told me that they charge a high interest rate because they do not do credit checks and in the event someone defaults on their payment report to the credit bureau.

I now found out that they are reporting monthly to the credit bureau. I also found out that I will no longer own the property after it's being paid off because when I converted to the points system. They told me that I signed over the deed back to them when I converted to the point system, which I don't remember doing and was never told that I will no longer have a deed at the end of the payment terms. They specifically told me that nothing would change, the only thing that would be changing is that I would not be locked into the one week, I would have more flexibility.

There are more but don't have the time to write all right now.

People please be careful if and when you're buying Time Shares especially from Festiva.

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Festiva Rep

To: Dorris Gillespie

If you could write to us at with your contact information we may be able to provide you with some information on transferring of ownership.


My friend and I bought Festiva points together. We are both in our 80's and travelling is too difficult for us to enjoy them. How can we get out of this contract?


After talking with someone in the corporate office, I understand better how their system works and realize they lease certain units for the good of their customers. Any problems I have had with Festiva have been fully resolved.


The problem with your "27 different resorts" is that New Orleans only has 21 units and the rest all average 40 units. What chance to you have of getting a unit?

The problem with the 3 and 4 night options is that you can only book those 45 days or less in advance. Not quite the golden deal it sounds to be from you, is it?


all i want to know is how to get out of this mess i have given them 5,000 dollars this year and still had to pay for my vacation i have called and they just put me off I want out!!! its a rip off!!! Very please has anyone else got a lawyer to get out of this please respond and let me know i plan on seeking legal advice this week.

Festiva Rep


I would be happy to look into your situation and resolve your problems. Please contact me at and let me know your name and I can have someone assist you right away.


Example of my experience. We were cxld as a tour and then charged when they said specifically we would not.

They went into our bank account without authorization. They did the same thing with our neighbor. I have been hung up on twice after speaking to more than 6 people in regards to this issue. Now I am simply being ignored.

We were told we won and extra night for free, then were told they gave us that because they were overbooked for Saturday Tourings. I am warning you, do not believe a not give them authorization to withdraw money.

We are now beginning a process of complaint with the Atty General of NC. Turns out they have over 150 complaints for misleading and unfair marketing practices.


Don't buy into this Festiva rep and their kind hollow words of comfort. They want your money and have few boundaries or ethics in ways of getting to it.

There is something really wrong here. Anyone thinking about a business relationship with this company should run!!

Festiva Rep

I'm sorry that you've had problems with your membership. If you have been misrepresented in any way we certainly would like to look into your situation and resolve any issues you may have. We are happy to answer any questions and fully explain your membership benefits if you contact us directly.

Please contact us at with your name and contact information so that someone can get in touch with you right away.

It is true that with the Adventure Club points program you have more flexibility than with a deeded week, as you can vacation to 27 different resorts within our network for no exchange fee, and you are not limited to a 7 night stay; you can opt to take 3 and 4 night vacations as well.

Please contact us so that we can help you.

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