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The various complaints against Festiva Resorts are actually part of a campaign by competitors to discredit the company.Recent surveys show that the number of applications for vacation ownership clubs is growing,mostly due to the general consensus of Americans who are looking for new ways to mimimize their vacation expenses.

As a result, their is a de facto psychological war being waged by unscrupulous corporate executives who would, rather than compete fairly, seek to tarnish the reputation and credibility of would-be-rival companies such as Festiva Resorts.Vacation ownership has far exceeded the success of traditional fixed week/floating week timeshare.

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I was just contacted by festiva travel offering me a free Ipad if I go to one of their meetings, a simple search on the internet show's that festiva is a complete scam and judging by the people that contacted me and the incorrect information I have received to date, I know fully well that festiva is a full scam.

Now its time for some payback for all the people that festiva screwed, I'm going to play the same games with festiva as they did with so many unsuspecting people of the world. I already have root access, I wont do anything to nefarious, but will get a few pounds of flesh and leave them feeling the sting of being on the wrong side of a deal they cant win.


to mrethiopian Greenville, South Carolina, United States #626132

I hope you nail their *** good.


I am a festiva owner as well and maintaince has doubled since I bought it back in 2000 at Ellington. Then we get assesment fees and in the letter that was sent it states for deliquencies and defaults. so why am i paying for someone elses failure to pay their bills.


Complaint Submitted:

Details of Complaint

On 1/6/11, we physically went back to this office. Building was empty of any people, locked up, no signs on door, and no nothing. At that point, we strongly decided we need to cancel any affiliation with Festiva Resorts.

Please stop any proceedings you may have started regarding the sale of our timeshare, cancel our membership and refund our $ 1,577.00 deposit.

We have closed our accounts to protect us from further fraud, notified our bank of what we think is a fraud and requested them to recover our deposit.

We were scammed once in the past by time share buyers and we felt that by not being contacted back, this was happening to us again. The locked building and no return calls clinched the deal that we need to CANCEL THIS CONTRACT IMMEDIATELY.

Since then we have been given a chance to buy out the contract for $3,000.00 or 25% of the value of their contract. Luke Burell informed me that the contract was explicit in stating there was only 5 days to exit the contract. Although the sales man Billy Gilliken and his manager Wayne Darnell advised us that if we had any questions at all to call the numbers and people they gave us for any information we needed. They were very helpful and assuring that these people would be there for us to speak to. As the above accounting shows otherwise they left us isolated until it was contractually too late to exit the contract.

I work hard for my money for many businesses and believe this salesman’s tactics were deceiving to miss direct us to their means.

Thank you for submitting a complaint to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. We’ll review your complaint and work with you and the business to try to reach a resolution of your dispute.

Please remember to mail copies (not originals) of any supporting documents such as contracts, bills of sale, receipts, written estimates, or warranties to our office at:

Consumer Protection Division

NC Department of Justice

9001 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

You can also call us toll free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM, at (919) 716-6000 from outside of North Carolina, or at (919) 716-0058 for Spanish speakers.


We bought into the Adventure Club and i hate it. I love Festiva when we first bought into it but they are a bunch of liers. Idon`t kmow how much they paid them to go to school to learn to lie but they got there money`s worth so my point is don`t buy into this Resort.


That's bull!!I worked for Festiva so I know!!

They a full of it. They lie to people to get money from them. They do not know how to run a legitatmate business!!

And they treat their employees like dirt!!:(


Call / online your complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. There is help available


So riddle me this festiva? I'm a real owner as real as they get. I blew half of my re-enlistment because I was investing in mine and my wifes future, and now I can't a reservation if my life depended on it.


Well I read thru most of the pages....

I did the Math.

I have held onto a property in Blossburg Pa. for over 10 years, thinking the value would go up.

So far it has not. My plan was to build a small cabin on it and live there when I retired. Problem is the land is small and it's in the town and the taxes are high. lot 2A , for $20,000 ; It's yours.

I have not used it and it costs me $425 a year. Contact me using my free git to you.

**If you are interested in learning more about the Festiva Adventure Club please call 888-540-3378 today! my refer number is **352611*** I get a $100US if you let them know.

This is going somewhere I assure you.


we are not a corporation.we went to the attorney general in Illinois to file complaint, and she said they know all about the fraudulent activaties.

Missouri attorney general already has filed clas action lawsuits and Festiva lost. so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

FESTIVA comes calling run as fast as you can the other way.this from a regular consumer.

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