The various complaints against Festiva Resorts are actually part of a campaign by competitors to discredit the company. Recent surveys show that the number of applications for vacation ownership clubs is growing,mostly due to the general consensus of Americans who are looking for new ways to mimimize their vacation expenses.

As a result, their is a de facto psychological war being waged by unscrupulous corporate executives who would, rather than compete fairly, seek to tarnish the reputation and credibility of would-be-rival companies such as Festiva Resorts. Vacation ownership has far exceeded the success of traditional fixed week/floating week timeshare.

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I was just contacted by festiva travel offering me a free Ipad if I go to one of their meetings, a simple search on the internet show's that festiva is a complete scam and judging by the people that contacted me and the incorrect information I have received to date, I know fully well that festiva is a full scam.

Now its time for some payback for all the people that festiva screwed, I'm going to play the same games with festiva as they did with so many unsuspecting people of the world. I already have root access, I wont do anything to nefarious, but will get a few pounds of flesh and leave them feeling the sting of being on the wrong side of a deal they cant win.


to mrethiopian Greenville, South Carolina, United States #626132

I hope you nail their *** good.


I am a festiva owner as well and maintaince has doubled since I bought it back in 2000 at Ellington. Then we get assesment fees and in the letter that was sent it states for deliquencies and defaults. so why am i paying for someone elses failure to pay their bills.


Complaint Submitted:

Details of Complaint

On 1/6/11, we physically went back to this office. Building was empty of any people, locked up, no signs on door, and no nothing. At that point, we strongly decided we need to cancel any affiliation with Festiva Resorts.

Please stop any proceedings you may have started regarding the sale of our timeshare, cancel our membership and refund our $ 1,577.00 deposit.

We have closed our accounts to protect us from further fraud, notified our bank of what we think is a fraud and requested them to recover our deposit.

We were scammed once in the past by time share buyers and we felt that by not being contacted back, this was happening to us again. The locked building and no return calls clinched the deal that we need to CANCEL THIS CONTRACT IMMEDIATELY.

Since then we have been given a chance to buy out the contract for $3,000.00 or 25% of the value of their contract. Luke Burell informed me that the contract was explicit in stating there was only 5 days to exit the contract. Although the sales man Billy Gilliken and his manager Wayne Darnell advised us that if we had any questions at all to call the numbers and people they gave us for any information we needed. They were very helpful and assuring that these people would be there for us to speak to. As the above accounting shows otherwise they left us isolated until it was contractually too late to exit the contract.

I work hard for my money for many businesses and believe this salesman’s tactics were deceiving to miss direct us to their means.

Thank you for submitting a complaint to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. We’ll review your complaint and work with you and the business to try to reach a resolution of your dispute.

Please remember to mail copies (not originals) of any supporting documents such as contracts, bills of sale, receipts, written estimates, or warranties to our office at:

Consumer Protection Division

NC Department of Justice

9001 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

You can also call us toll free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM, at (919) 716-6000 from outside of North Carolina, or at (919) 716-0058 for Spanish speakers.


We bought into the Adventure Club and i hate it. I love Festiva when we first bought into it but they are a bunch of liers. Idon`t kmow how much they paid them to go to school to learn to lie but they got there money`s worth so my point is don`t buy into this Resort.


That's bull!! I worked for Festiva so I know!!

They a full of it. They lie to people to get money from them. They do not know how to run a legitatmate business!!

And they treat their employees like dirt!! :(


Call / online your complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. There is help available


So riddle me this festiva? I'm a real owner as real as they get. I blew half of my re-enlistment because I was investing in mine and my wifes future, and now I can't a reservation if my life depended on it.


Well I read thru most of the pages....

I did the Math.

I have held onto a property in Blossburg Pa. for over 10 years, thinking the value would go up.

So far it has not. My plan was to build a small cabin on it and live there when I retired. Problem is the land is small and it's in the town and the taxes are high. lot 2A , for $20,000 ; It's yours.

I have not used it and it costs me $425 a year. Contact me using my free git to you.

**If you are interested in learning more about the Festiva Adventure Club please call 888-540-3378 today! my refer number is **352611*** I get a $100US if you let them know.

This is going somewhere I assure you.


we are not a corporation. we went to the attorney general in Illinois to file complaint, and she said they know all about the fraudulent activaties.

Missouri attorney general already has filed clas action lawsuits and Festiva lost. so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

FESTIVA comes calling run as fast as you can the other way. this from a regular consumer.


to I Have a brain : I recently bought into festiva in sept. 2010.

Since then our maintenence fee has gone up over $50.00 us dollars. your *** of claiming that the mf has gone up only 28 dollars in the past 8 years is ludicris.

Festiva sales people must have bought you a 5 dollar crack rock to have you say what you said. I promise , Festiva will not get another dime from me, so hope you find another way to get your "Rocks Off""


Hi I am considered an "adult" in todays society. I write on message boards upset about companies i freeload my vacations from typically because i am incapable of budgeting on my own.

I tell people on the internet i was duped but in reality i have no actual case because they recorded everything while i was getting the deed signed to my name and now I go on the internet to complain because I want to lie about my experiences. I also bought the cheapest package they had to offer. I go on message boards like this and lie to everyone else and slander a solid company because I miss getting my vacations for free by freeloading off other timeshare companies. My friends do not take my seriously because i have always complained about everything and i have lost all creditability except with other morons over the internet.

DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANYONE ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD? BTW the company started in July of 2000 not 1996 twobugle so you lose all credibility. And maintenance fees do not go up every year, that is a flat out lie. they have gone up $28 in the past 8 years.

BTW as an owner i have never paid MF because I am not a lazy slob who doesn't do the reimbursement program. I have never met an owner who hasn't loved their ownership because i actually get out there and use it and meet other owners at these five star resorts. Hey T Gerber what luxurous vacation were you planning on taking with that $200 assessment fee? Just curious.

Did it consist of a woman/man named Mercedes and a Motel 6? Because if it was, you probably need another $200.

to I have a brain Raeford, North Carolina, United States #973392

Your an ***. They have gone up repeatedly and that is why there are so many different state backed lawsuits.


I am also a victim of Festiva scam. If we all get together, we can file a class action law suit against and then we as collective effort we can bring all their wrong doings in front of the public.

And also if we all write to the appropriate authorities we can make big difference. If you all interested, contact me at sbarua27@hotmail.com.


I am also a victim of Festiva scam. If we all get together, we can file a class action law suit against and then we as collective effort we can bring all their wrong doings in front of the public.

And also if we all write to the appropriate authorities we can make big difference. If you all interested, contact me at sbarua27@hotmail.com.






I am so glad I read this. My husband and I went to a presentation in New Orleans today.

The first clue was when they unexpectedly ran out of the "free" laptop we were supposed to get after listening to the diatribe for 90 minutes. We are not *** and have heard this king of pitch before. When we asked questions all we got was "come see this board" "let me let you talk with my manager" All of our questions were answered with other questions. No straight answers.

I plan on printing these comments and returning tomorrow to get some answers. I think I'll call the news station 6 on your side to come with me!

Mrs. L

Well, you are right about one thing. I'm not an owner, but I'm complaining. I got screwed before even getting to the sales pitch!


I am an owner too. Have been since 1996.

My account is paid in full except the yearly maintenace fee for this year. I am waiting on that one to see if a class action suit will be filed. Lightshedder....you are full of yourself.

I hope that you are a lawyer...because you are going to need one after we all get together and get something going. I can be contacted directly at twobugle@aol.com if you want to personally blow sunshine up my rectum.


All I have to say to lightshedder is you need to get your head out of that dark place and come into the light instead of trying to shed any on something you obviously know nothing about. I am a deed holding owner.

And like a fool, I was duped into paying for my ownership in full because I did not want monthly installments. If I had taken monthly installments I could at least have stopped paying and just cut my loses now it would be like just giving them my money. This is one of the largest operating *** games/scams allowed to operate in this country. With the total increases in dues, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and the assessments for improvements that the dues should take care of anyway considering how many times over they have sold these fractional deeds, I could take some very luxurious vacations.

Now I spend most of my money just paying these *** Festiva bills and can't even afford this year to go THERE on vacation because of the most recent assessment. You are either a real *** and yourself do not own a Festiva vacation property or you are one of their deceitful sales reps or you are representing one of their corporate owners, but you are in no way a Festiva Resorts vacation owner, because thus far, I have yet to meet one that is happy with the screwing they got!

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