guys, thanks for all your feedbacks about festiva. i have a feeling you may have helped me avoid the biggest mistake of our lives by your vivid accounts.

we recently purchased their new orleans vacation package for this coming march 2011 and when i printed out the confirmation number, the fine lines said no refunds if you decide to cancel anytime now and if you don't attend the 90minute presentation, which i am reading now to be more than 2 hours, what we paid $ 149 will be $ 449 !!! i was really already apprehensive when me and my wife have to attend a 90 minute presentation with our major credit cards, come on, what for, right ??? and now we are reading it may take longer than 2 hours.

we are strongly considering cancelling, even if we don't get our $ 149 back just to be spared of all the stress, we will just charged it to gambling losses....please advise us, guys....

asian couple

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my 90 minute tour ended up being 6 hours. the guy doing the talking had us stuck because we had to drive to his office get in his car and then drove to the place for the tour.

after 6 hours of baggering us my husband caved and bought into it.

worst mistake we ever made. nobody pays the same maintaince fees, there are bugs in some of the rooms and most of all the employees of festiva are very rude.


WOW!!! Wish I had known all this before today!!!

Went to a tour this am. After being there an hour and a half, decided it was a good deal! Went out to ask about price, when I got the price I stated that I would like to talk it over whit a family member that wasn't there. The finance person snapped at me that I could not do that, that I had stated I could make all major decisions, I then told my Festiva Rep.

that I didn't like that person snapping at me. I went back to finish the tour and they came and took me out and told me we were "done here".

I asked about the 27" flatscreen I was promised and I was told "right this way".....he opened the door and it was the exit door!!!! I have NEVER been treated so bad!!!!


They will make sure the tour is longer than 90 min. The more time you invest, the more likely you are to purchase. Lots of small talk, trying to be your best friend.

Festiva Rep

Anonymous - I assure you that you are not obligated in anyway to purchase anything. The majority of the tours do only take 90 minutes, however some tours do take longer as conversations strike up during the process.

If you would like to have a manager contact you to answer any questions or concerns you may have please send us your contact information to comments@festiva.travel. We look forward to hearing from you.

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