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This is the second time in the brief time I have been a timeshare owner with this company and on both occasions they have failed to call me back with any solution what so ever. The managers do not care to solve any issue once you have signed on the dotted line. I booked a vacation in December for the 2nd week of February. Just this week they announce the pool area will be close the entire month. I have to take a shuttle if a I want to go to the nearest beach. It takes all the pleasure out of the vacation when you don't have a pool and you have to wait for a shuttle to get to/from the beach. When i called to complain the manager simply said I was S.O.L. There was nothing eh could do about it nor for me. After I spoke to a 2nd manager, she said they would call me back on the morning....two days later, here I am. No call, no care, no nothing from Festiva. Oh and the best solution she had for me was to cancel the trip and lose my airfare money, my vacation time we requested from work. Very easy, huh?

Did the person in charge at the resort even look to see if there were nay bookings during that time, people that would be inconvenienced by this? Did he contact these people to offer anything at all? The same answer, no. Simply don't care.

No customer service, no customer assistance, no customer resolution at all.

I completely regret having done business with these people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Festiva Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $5900.

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Have you tried the online reservation system? You do not have to speak with anyone.

Houston, Texas, United States #631329

if you think these complaints are bull ....or if you are anyway thinking of buying into Festiva Resorts FIRST TRY CALLING THEIR CENTRAL RESERVATION NUMBER TO BOOK A RESERVATION it does not matter if you are a owner or not at this point anyone can call the Reservation Number .....the number is 866 nine 33 784 eight .... I called this morning to book a reservation at 0905 am it is now 4:01 PM , I am still waiting for someone to get with me to book...ALL THEY SSEEM INTERESTED IN IS SELLING THEN *** WITH YOU..... THIS IS NO JOKE.....

Festiva Verified Representative

We have no way of contacting you please see my earlier post...if you email us with your information, we would like to help you.

Festiva Verified Representative

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Our resorts are upgraded and maintained on a regular basis.

Unfortunately the pool maintenance did interfere with your trip.

Please email us your contact information so we can assist you. Email us at

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