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We were also conned into points system and 7,500.00 upgrade. And now we're in worse than ever program. Maintenance fees are double from what we were told. We have been owners for almost 20 years and really just want our money back. We will also report this scam to Better Business Bureau. This company thrives on these bad business practices as told by over three hundred other customers/consumers in very similar reviews. Already read some of these... Read more

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We were offered a free carriage tour, harbour tour and $25.00 restaurant voucher for 90 minute presentation starting 11:00 am and lasted 3 hours. Three speakers, brief tour of Church St Inn, intense sales pitch with extra incentives. We asked to see the complete contract to review, initially refused because it would have to be sent by fax from Kansas City????? Then said we could review only a copy on the premise. The decision had to be made... Read more

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After some research I finally found a way out. If you want you money back just call this number 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.. Dont believe me? Just visit this website thats through the Better Business Bureau BBB. You can read all about the settlement and how to get your money back. Thank GOD! The link for your claim for is: The website to... Read more

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Recently spoke with an employee that is high up in the company (corporate level) who said they are in the process of being bought out.Apparently with all the complaints and allegations they cannot afford to keep up the charades. This will give them the opportunity to get a good return before the Attorney General comes in and shuts them down for good. This is just a warning to those who got maintenance bills in that mail recently.SELL IT BEFORE... Read more

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Just found my fee billing from 2015. New fees for one resort have increased by 29.5% in one year. This company is a rip-off organization just like KGI. DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN ANY WAY. NO SAVINGS WHEN ALL COSTS ARE INCLUDED. We have dealt with a number of other timeshare companies and with a number of timeshare resorts and have never had such unwarranted increases. This is more than triple any other increases. Other large increases we... Read more

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We were recently in Charleston, SC and we were approached to do this quick timeshare in exchange for tickets to a horse drawn carriage, and to visit a plantation. We thought it was worth a few hours for $150.00 worth of free stuff. We sat through 2 hours of the presentation which of course, always sounds to good to be true. After we visited the property and spoke to the salesman we realized it wasn't for us. Then as we were leaving, another... Read more

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I am not happy at all with my experience!! i ended up paying more stay because i was told i could use the cc mother as we both use it. as well as the waterpark would be free for my children to use as they please! Also additional disney tickets would be $50-60 and elsewhere as they would ne ...the same *** proce i paid for them at the resort!!so not happy!! If theey cared about their customer they would be straight up... Read more

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Stayed at this location with my husband and child. The first room was VERY NASTY. There were stains on the carpet...the tub had rust in it the televisions were so out of date...I was afraid to sit on the OLD..NASTY SOFAS. We did complain and they moved us to a nicer room...but the water never got hot. The resort needs a complete REMODELING. We will not go back there. The staff was great the 2nd room was clean but why not put us in that... Read more

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I am a previous employee. I have never been more glad to leave a job. It was an emotional test to have to listen to what I can only assume are innocent, good people telling me they are in so much debt that they cannot afford medical care because of a TIME SHARE . I hated telling people there was nothing we could do and there really was absolutely nothing. Strict orders from management kept any helpful info out of our ears. It got worse the... Read more

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Went on vacation with Family..first room was old..musty..coroded and stunk and they changed the lady called us and booked us for a time share tour we accepted up early and drove there..we got there and the lady said we r not showing properties today..lied to us and said have a good day..really!! Unacceptable..bad service and never even thought any more about it..Maintenance service is the best thing goung for this place..I... Read more

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