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I sent this letter to them today:

To whomever is listening (or pretending to be),

We have been owners since 1990. First through Peppertree, then Fairfield, then Wyndham, then Equivest and now the greatest curse of all -- Festiva. Do I sound disgusted??? You have no idea.

We switched from the fixed-week plan to the points plan when the company was sold to Equivest. We thought this would allow us the flexibility to take vacation time at our convenience and not when it was dictated by our fixed plan. We even bought additional points to be sure that as we grew older and into retirement, we could enjoy our leisure time when we wanted, whether it meant taking a three-day weekend, five days or a full week. This worked well under Equivest, even though I was not happy about the booking fees. But we got around that by pre-planning and booking all of our time with one phone call. We encountered no problems with Equivest. Ever.

Then entered Festiva. Why couldn't you all have left Equivest alone? I THOUGHT this was supposed to be a better company - no booking fees, additional properties under the Festiva umbrella, ease of online reservations and all that other *** we had to sit and listen to. "Want a long weekend? Just call us 45 days in advance for reservations at any Festiva property." That's the biggest line of bull you've ever told. Today, Once again, I called EXACTLY 45 days in advance of my planned reservation date, having MARKED IT ON MY CALENDAR SO I WOULDN'T BE LATE, only to be told - AS USUAL - "I'm sorry, there's nothing available for those dates." How the *** can the entire Peppertree Atlantic Beach property be booked to the hilt the first weekend in DECEMBER???? REALLY??? And then she goes on to tell me that Festiva doesn't own all the units. Travelocity owns some, Expedia owns some, blah, blah, blah. WELL WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE OWNED UNITS BEFORE THERE EVER WAS A "FESTIVA"??? Who's looking out for US??? This is the FIFTH time since June that I've tried to get a three-day weekend from Virginia to Myrtle Beach, calling 45 days in advance as I was told, only to be told the SAME *** thing each and every time. Then she has the nerve to tell me that if it wasn't for the other companies owning units with all the money they invest, the maintenance on the properties would go to pot. WE'RE paying you thieves over $1100.00 EVERY year for maintenance. Where do you get off trying to make me feel GRATEFUL that so many other companies are invested in your properties now?? What about those of us who helped build all those units with our maintenance fees from 20 years ago? So then she tells me, "Your best bet would be to book a full week at the beginning of the year." IF I WANTED TO TAKE A FULL WEEK I WOULD HAVE KEPT THE *** FIXED WEEK WE HAD TO START WITH.

And when I finally do get a reservation -- NEVER the weekend that I want, mind you -- before my suitcase hits the floor one of your reps is calling wanting us to sit through an "owner's presentation, so we can bring you up to date on all the exciting things happening at Festiva." There's not a *** thing that I want to hear from you anymore. And do you actually think I would recommend Festiva to anyone I know or give you the names of family and friends so you can contact them??? WHEN *** FREEZES OVER. I wouldn't insult my worst enemy with a Festiva recommendation. When we were at Peppertree Atlantic Beach in mid-September, AFTER the summer season and NOT the weekend I wanted by the way, having settled for second best AGAIN, I rode and counted the cars on the property. 68. SIXTY-EIGHT. There are over 600 units on that property. So I called the reservation desk again and facetiously asked if I could get a last-minute reservation at Peppertree Atlantic Beach. "Nope, sorry, all full up! But you can probably call Travelocity and PAY for a three-day weekend." Give me a break.

Well, how about I give you all a break. After 20 years, I plan to sell my Festiva membership as fast as I can dump it. Half-price, quarter-price, I don't even care.

Please feel free to share my comments with ANYONE; because I plan to share them with EVERYONE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Festiva Vacation Ownership.

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Same story here!

Gretna, Louisiana, United States #1298451

Worst company I ever associated with.

Sharon, Massachusetts, United States #1284035

I agree completely

San Bruno, California, United States #1278560

Amen!! I'm with you.

I also converted to the points system in order to have more flexibility in the time of the year that I could use my timeshare. Who goes to Myrtle Beach during the winter of the month of January? Man!! Do I wish I had NOT done that!!

The maintenance fees use to be about $700 every 2 years, but now they are over $1300!!

And if I don't pay them before 2/2/2017, I will be charged an extra 18% no excuses accepted. Give me a break!!

to ***le Cary, North Carolina, United States #1278571

They have been banned from future sales in NC for the next two years. Hopefully other states will follow.

Athens, Tennessee, United States #1193540

Notify them again & again. My Dad always said aggravate them until when you call they know your voice. If we all call we can rattle pots & pans I've seen it work.

Athens, Tennessee, United States #1193538

Scams are illegal period so if they sell with intentions to deceive sounds like a good class action.


I just want to get out but there seems to be no way out. Can't ever book a room all i do is pay maintenance fees with no vacation time!!!!!

I mean they can have it back, I don't want anything for it just take it off my hands PLEASE!!!! Ours is paid in full

to Anonymous Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1242622

There is a way out. Go to the Attorney General's website and complete a complaint form.

Be very specific in the amount you've paid in maintenance fees and how many times you've tried to make reservations to no avail. In turn, they will forward your complaint to Festiva, and Festiva must respond to their office AND to you within 30 days.

Then, Festiva will offer to release you from your contract. Just remember - contact the AG's office FIRST, not Festiva.


I'm having the same problems, what was pitched and made me want to join is now becoming the nightmare of a lifetime, so if we all banned together maybe we could do something, I'm with the class action lawsuit!

to Anonymous #1193533

That sounds like a great alternative to a bad solution this is my first year with a time share period. My niece owns at blue & green don't know if that's right but she goes everywhere.

I did NOT know about this booking fee, I know the maintenance fee was no $350. It was $960. I like to have died was told I could use it right away to go to Savannah GA in Dec for our Annvy but like all of you I called and couldn't get in for a long weekend. So we went to the good Ole Smokies.

Now we will have another maintenance fee hit use and I can't even get signed into there Lil Website to see these cheap get aways. I also have this thing called Vacation World or vise versa they called wanting me to renew my membership $145.00 but it's kinda like the vacations on Festvia I am wondering if I should renew it they can come through with a reservation. They did a great job booking our cruise to Alaska plus we spent 4 beautiful days in Seattle. We stayed at the Grand Plaza Hotel just a little over $100.

per night we were 4 blocks from the open air mkt it was fabulous it took 4 days to see it all. I am worried about this timeshare & if it is going to make me happy. You all are making me very sceptical. Anyone wants to just give their week away I will take it for let's see.

I bought it to take my 2Grandchildren any where we wanted to go. 1 turns 17 in Sept & his Lil Sister was 5 in April he has made us promise we will show her all the stuff he has gotten to do. We have been retired for 2 years I am recovering from knee replacement surgery then Kàrley will be in school & were going to see about TRAVEL.

When Papaw for the Golf Team gets done hauling boys to matches. Thanks everyone for food for thought & God bless you for being honest.


Festiva is owned by Zealandia Holding Company. Found out from the N.C. Attorney General's office


I agree with you. Festiva ownership is not what we were promised.

PLUS maintenance fees are much higher than stated on our contract. When I try to call I am put on hold for 10 to 30 minutes and then no one can help.

WE MUST pay all fees before we get to talk to anyone who can help. I will dump our Festiva membership as soon as possible.


I just ran across your comments. I'm really glad someone is willing to call Festiva out for the garbage they get away with.

Festiva is only in it for our money and don't give a D*** about their customers. Worse timeshare purchase i ever made.


Has anyone had any luck getting out of thier Festiva contract yet and if so how?????

to Anonymous #1242624

There is a way out. Go to the Attorney General's website and complete a complaint form.

Be very specific in the amount you've paid in maintenance fees and how many times you've tried to make reservations to no avail. In turn, they will forward your complaint to Festiva, and Festiva must respond to their office AND to you within 30 days.

Then, Festiva will offer to release you from your contract. Just remember - contact the AG's office FIRST, not Festiva.

to Anonymous #1572880

I found a company out of Fla. That was able to get my contract cancelled.


I agree. I too have been told many lines of BS.

I own 182,000 points I'm offering to give back to the company or else find some other *** *** enough to invest in these ripoffs. My maint. fees are almost $1400.00 a year.

***, for that amount I can RENT a beachfront condo on my own and travel whenever I want. If my first choice is booked, then just go to the second, etc.


I feel the exact way. We have NEVER been able to get a reservation!

When we signed up for this program we were told that if we no longer wanted to keep our memberships we could just write them a letter and not pay our dues, thus turning our 2 resorts over to them.

When we called and said that was what we wanted to do we were told that was not the case.

to Anonymous Morganton, North Carolina, United States #1089211

I would love to know how to get out of this timeshare!!! All they want is MORE MONEY!!!!

Upgrade, exchange fee, only get a resort if "points" available. I'm sick of it!!!

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