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Don't Do It...They steal your money and ruin your credit.How do they send to your account a statement dated February 9th and due Jan.

1st. (By the way, today is Feb. 8th.) They set you up to fail and pay late. Awful company.

I am still trying to find a statement that shows how much I owe on Jan 1st. Would it be too hard to give your customers a head up when the bill is about to be due. Families are dealing with sickness, death and other necessary problems in their life. There should be a law about what you are doing to people.

Some just don't live on their computers. The old fashion Black and White in the mail never fails.

Try it some time...CrazyMEforsigningup.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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I have the same situation and yes they do steal our hard earned money. The buying of a timeshare from Festiva was the worst financial mistake we ever made, and it is a shame these people can get away with such. It should be a law against this.

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