What a joke.

What they tell you on the phone is different than in person.

Don't feel obligated, ya right how many ways is there to say no?? What part of we can't afford it, or timing is not right for us don't they understand. they keep coming back at you, well how about if we give you a week vacation and you pay 155 down and then 90 a month for 6 months, then we will leave the contract open for you to decide for 18 months. What happened to if you see if today and do not take advantage of the of the package we can never show it to you again or offer you the same deals.

Sales Trap, it sounds to good to be true it is. We sat with two sales man for a while, one of them left and said I have to go and I want you and your husband to talk things over, the second salesman sat right there. How rude is that!! I was not going to discuss my finances infront of him.

I asked him to if he could give us a few minute, you would have thought I asked for the world. the prices a ***!! I was told that by friends that went through the sales pitch what prices I was going to win before I got there, rigged or what! they told me on the phone that I would receive a gift card and that I would have to scratch 2 out of the 5 boxes to see what i win, the scratch ticket had 5 boxes, all were labeled with the prices and i had to scratch all 5 to wee what i won rigged!!!

i won exactly what i was told i would win by friends.

these people have no conscience or ethic

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Festiva Rep

I am sorry to see you had issues at the point of sale. We take customer service very seriously and have standards our sales representatives must maintain.

Please email us at comments@festiva.travel with the names of the individuals you dealt with along with the location you toured and I will have a manager review your situation. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


Well, you went for a freebie and you got what you deserved. I own a time share and it works.

Idiots like you to take advantage of "free" stuff deserve what you get (and you were warned by friends). You douche!

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