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We had a $100 gift card given to us and we can not activate it and no one will call us back on it. We were only suppose to be there 90 minutes and it went on for over 3 1/2 hours. They kept bringing someone else in to try and get us to buy-they would not take no for an answer. Bye the time they got done talking we were almost late for our show that we had already booked. This happened in Branson, MO. When we bought the trip we were told that... Read more

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1. The shower in our single adjoining room was so slick the my daughter fell and cut open her chin and bruised her hip. It is in need of grip of some sort. 2. Shower is broken in the master bath. The tray at the bottom came off when we opened the door. 3. Very dirty, found pubic hair, that was not ours, next to the guest toilet in the master. 4. We were given a welcome bag at check in and almost everything was expired. There were medications... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 21
  • #886402

This is the worst company I have ever in my 60 years dealt with. They are not willing to work with anyone on fees. They extort funds, charge late fees and are rude when you call them. They try and deflect consumer anger back on the caller. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM DO NOT TOUR. RUN THE GIFT IS NOT WORTH THE HAVING TO DEAL WITH ***!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 02
  • #875844

Festiva us absolutely terrible to work with. I originally bought with oceania and it was great. It doesnt matter if you own a timeshare they will give your room to someone through Dont waste your time or money ....everything about them is lies

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I would not invite or recommend this company to anyone. Nothing but a scam to get your money. My husband fell for it over a year ago and now we are "stuck" with a $132 a month payment for the next 3 years that we don't use bc it's still cheaper to book rooms/vacations through different companies. The 1st and only time we used it was in May of 2016 it showed a cheaper rate than other booking agencies. Then when we got to the resort we still had... Read more

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Before I tell you the LATEST on the Atlantic Beach property, let me say this. It's been a couple of years since I commented, and I was so upset at the time I could barely see straight. I got a phone call soon after my "dissertation" from a rep named Lindsey who could not apologize enough, offered to give us a free night, and offered to let us book a 3 night trip without the 45 day advance notice. Sugar could have dripped from her lips. I... Read more

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This company tells you one thing and gives you nothing, after reviewing the website the discounts were untrue , at the tour we were showed where we could get a hotel for seven dollars a night on the site , it's just the normal going rates , when we went to the hotel we were told a hotel with two beds only got one refused to upgrade had to pay full price for another room , when we went home we decided to cancel since it was within three business... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 18
  • #867797

Lies! The only vacations available are in Florida!! Ridiculous fees for nothing! I want a refund!

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We have been members since 1983. Our unit is being worked on so we probably will lose our week. How can they charge us a maintenance fee when we don't even get to stay in the unit. It is not in use so why should we have to pay. They are telling us to call the day before we are supposed to come. Now if it is not ready what are we supposed to do about our vacation. If anyoone is thinking of getting a timeshare there think twice before you do it. I... Read more

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I have spent over $3500 on this program. Never used it, never logged in or anything (in over 3 years of being a "member"). I call today because I was curious what the website had to offer. Well come to find out I owe $400 in annual fee's as well as a $250 activation fee. Go *** yourself!! They will trash your credit in a hurry!! I am half tempted to go back to the office (12 hours from my home) where I purchased this *** from and get some... Read more

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