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Festiva has recently taken over time share management of Kosmos Bros time share operations for stays etc but elimated the written benefit of owner of FantasyWorld Two stipulating that because of ownership I am entitled to free green fees "whenever" I am Central Fla. My dispute presented to Festiva management was met by new owner not responsible rationale. This is their response although presented with a written document with my contract no. that was given to me as owner at time of contract purchase. No consideration was offered on February,... Read more

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They are the worst company for customer relations they are always playing the blame game between employees, they never return phone calls or emails cant wait to get rid of timeshare what a rip off Add comment

If you looking at purchasing a Time Share, do not I repeat DO NOT purchase a Festiva Time Share. The lie to you in the presentations. They tell you that you can sell a week back for cash to help pay for Mtnc Fees, that is a lie! they tell you that you can exchange into the RTX for no extra cost, that is a LIE! My husband and I wish we would have NEVER purchased our Time Share thru Festiva. Read more

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Festiva/whoever owns Peppertree Atlantic Beach Phase ll have refused to accept my deed back - FREE. They can have it - and my money - I WANT OUT! Their buildings were built to *** standards and are falling apart. Owners and management of the resort refuse to respond to any inquiries. They refuse to post any up-to-date info about repairs. All I want to do is give up my deed and be done with this piece of s*^$# resort. PABll HOA - please declare bankruptcy and give us the option of turning in our deeds as they did for PABl owners. Read more

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A mess! Lost 4000 points with Festiva Resorts. Were told we could bank points but today found out we lost 4000 on December 31st because you must use or move within 2 years. Never told that in our sales presentation and I will have to go back and look at fine print in paper work to see if it is there. We feel like we have had thousands of dollars stolen from us. Rep said there was nothing they could do. I emailed customer service and will be shocked if they do ANYTHING for us. DON"T BUY TIMESHARE IN ANY FORM!!! Read more

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It's real simple, FESTIVA IS A CROOKED COMPANY AND WE WOULD NOT EVER RECOMMEND FESTIVA TO EVEN AN ENEMY!!!!! So please for your own good and sanity don't ever get involved with FESTIVA!! We were promised so much and when we went to collect we were then told "you must have mis-understood, I have no idea what you're talking about". We were also told that one of the people who signed off on our paperwork "retired and there's nothing we can do about that". So apparently if someone in the company retires or leaves for whatever reason their... Read more

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Owner since 2005...biggest mistake ever! Told we were buying platinum membership which would give us upgrades and addl time...never happened. We remain one of few remaining deeded week owners in even years...they keep trying to get us to buy into point system which gives us nothing more than we currently have and we decline. Last stay I had checks stolen from my room. I called and left them three messages after my bank and the police contacted me. They never returned any calls. Appeared a housekeeper tried to cash a check but my bank... Read more

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owned fixed week for many years, and enjoyed the Banner Elk Resort. was told 4 yrs ago we had to go to the points system, to go to any of the beach resorts they own. so we upgraded, $6K and it all went to *** from there. cant get anything booked for the last 2 years, was promised bonus week to pay main fees, was another lie. after we went to myrtle last year on our dime, found the resort in n myrtle unacceptable. they dont return calls, they only want your money. the staff at banner elk now wont tell you anything either. take those main fees... Read more

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We were talked into upgrading with promise that our relaxing weeks could help pay for our maintenance fees, I called Festiva to ask them to use our relaxing weeks toward our fees. I was told there is no such plan and never has been. I have called and complained before about no availability for time we wanted a week. I was told I needed to pay maintenance fees one year in advance to get weeks I wanted. So, I have done that and still can't get reservation. So, I had to roll over to RTX to hopefully get a vacation somewhere. Well, I have rolled... Read more

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I made the mistake of purchasing a timeshare on the secondary market for a 3 bedroom unit in Atlantic Beach, N.C. that is a Festiva property. My building was condemned by the town and we were offered either a 2 bedroom unit or giving them our timeshare, which were both lousy options and we were to pay a fee to do so amounting to about $2,000. When that offer didn't fly they put me in a 2 bedroom unit with a connecting door to a 1 bedroom and instead of the $690 maintenance fee I was paying they have sent me a bill for $1149 and have... Read more

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