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We did an exchange to South Carolina. It just so happens my favorite artist Eddie Money was in concert I proposed to my now wife when this song was played. I feel a hunger, it's a hunger That tries to keep a man awake at night Are you the answer? I shouldn't wonder When I can feel you whet my appetite With all the power you're releasing It isn't safe to walk the city streets alone Anticipation is running through me Let's find the keys and turn... Read more

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my son had such a good time on our visit to banner elk. One of many memories we had was at a sushi place in town that had karaoke. that night he sang purple rain by prince. I never meant to cause you any sorrow I never meant to cause you any pain I only wanted to one time to see you laughing I only wanted to see you Laughing in the purple rain I never wanted to be your weekend lover I only wanted to be some kind of friend Baby, I could never... Read more

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My wife and I took a tour in charleston and found it quite nice. The girl that took care of us and was very informed, you could tell she had a ton of training. I highly recommend festiva. We purchased and look forward to having a life of vacations together. I think the first place we will go is banner elk nc. If you have not joined festiva you are neglecting your family. Then after banner elk we are going to the place in orange beach on the... Read more

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My Wife and I both fulfilled our commitment to the hour long presentation and decided shortly after that the program was not for us because we had reasonable concerns about the program in part to the previous reviews submitted online and then the pressure began for us to purchase a package!!..any package but as we were assured there would be no pressure to purchase this was a complete lie!!...the topper was the absolute rudeness of James the so... Read more

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lol... thats funny, my wife and I just went to Charleston, SC for the first time and had Cleveland as our rep. He was nice and charismatic, but its quite obvious they want money. The numbers didn't add up correctly and when i mentioned that i wanted to look up reviews on Festiva, you should of seen the reactions i got from Cleveland. We told them we weren't interested and wanted to check credentials and they quickly claimed to be part of the... Read more

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We were also conned into points system and 7,500.00 upgrade. And now we're in worse than ever program. Maintenance fees are double from what we were told. We have been owners for almost 20 years and really just want our money back. We will also report this scam to Better Business Bureau. This company thrives on these bad business practices as told by over three hundred other customers/consumers in very similar reviews. Already read some of these... Read more

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We were offered a free carriage tour, harbour tour and $25.00 restaurant voucher for 90 minute presentation starting 11:00 am and lasted 3 hours. Three speakers, brief tour of Church St Inn, intense sales pitch with extra incentives. We asked to see the complete contract to review, initially refused because it would have to be sent by fax from Kansas City????? Then said we could review only a copy on the premise. The decision had to be made... Read more

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After some research I finally found a way out. If you want you money back just call this number 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.. Dont believe me? Just visit this website thats through the Better Business Bureau BBB. You can read all about the settlement and how to get your money back. Thank GOD! The link for your claim for is: The website to... Read more

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Recently spoke with an employee that is high up in the company (corporate level) who said they are in the process of being bought out.Apparently with all the complaints and allegations they cannot afford to keep up the charades. This will give them the opportunity to get a good return before the Attorney General comes in and shuts them down for good. This is just a warning to those who got maintenance bills in that mail recently.SELL IT BEFORE... Read more

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Just found my fee billing from 2015. New fees for one resort have increased by 29.5% in one year. This company is a rip-off organization just like KGI. DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN ANY WAY. NO SAVINGS WHEN ALL COSTS ARE INCLUDED. We have dealt with a number of other timeshare companies and with a number of timeshare resorts and have never had such unwarranted increases. This is more than triple any other increases. Other large increases we... Read more

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